Field trips

Call for excursion proposals

The organizing committee is presently accepting proposals for field trips. The committee will select a restricted number of field trip proposals in order to avoid cancellations due to the lack of participants. Field trips should be self-financed and autonomous financially. 

Please provide the following information :
1.    Name and affiliation of the organizer(s)
2.    The title and a description of the field trip
3.    A description of the field trip including, minimum and maximum number of participants, location of departure and return, tentative dates and duration,
4.    An estimation of the participation cost.

Please send the proposal to by September 1st, 2017.
*Due to temporary technical issues, you may receive a delivery error message. If it is the case, please resent your message to We apologize for the inconvenient.

Plenty opportunities for spectacular sedimentological field trips

More details to come...


Precambrian sedimentary successions 

Tectonised  sedimentary formations in the Labrador Trough, Northern Québec  Aphebian  (2.1 to 1.9 Ga). Tentative

Cambrian to Devonian carbonate platforms and reefs

Massive algal-stromatoporoid-bacterial reef front. Upper Silurian, Gaspé Peninsula, Québec.


Middle Ordovician carbonates, Mingan Islands, Québec.

Paleozoic foreland shelves and basins

Transition between the Precambrian gneisses, Ordovician carbonate and clastic foreland units. Montmorency falls, Québec City.

Quaternary glacial and post-glacial sedimentary accumulations

Glacial deposits from retreating Laurentide Ice-Sheet, (here at the Moisie River), Côte-Nord, St-Lawrence estuary, Québec.

Conventional and unconventional (shale, tar sands) hydrocarbon plays

Sandstone of McMurray formation, Early Cretaceous, Alberta. Tentative


Upper Ordovician Utica Shale along the Jacques Cartier River, near Québec City.

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