Call for sessions

General scientific themes


General theme 1. The carbonate depositional system 

including Bioconstructions &Biosedimentation from modern to Precambrian times 

General theme 2. The clastic depositional system 

including aeolian, fluvial, lactustrine and marine environments from modern to Precambrian times

General theme 3. Paleo-environments & Paleo-climates 

General theme 4. Sedimentary Processes 

including numerical and physical modelling, fluids/sediments interactions & diagenesis

General theme 5. Sources & Sinks 

including geosphere evolution, sedimentary budgets, basin evolution & source tracing

General theme 6. Applied sedimentology 

including resources, human impacts and hazards

General theme 7. Other topics 

Call for session to be held at the ISC 2018

The organizing committee is presently accepting proposals for sessions
Please provide the following information:
1. Name and affiliation of the convener(s)
2. Title of the proposed session (max 200 characters)
3. Description of the session (max 300 words)
4. Belong to General Scientific topic #
5. Name of potential participants
6. Relation with other geoscientific association

At least one convener will be invited to be part of the Scientific Program Committee. Members of the Scientific Program Committee provide ideas of scientific themes to be developed as sessions, ideas for pre-, syn- and post-conference field trips, and short courses. They will act as or look for sessions chairs, and Members of the scientific committee are expected to help in evaluating the submitted abstracts, and also, to define the oral and poster sessions.

Note that the Local Organizing Committee envision having a limited number of parallel sessions and large poster sessions with plenty of time and room for discussion. Therefore, it is likely that suggested sessions will be merged.

Please send the proposal to by September 5 th, 2017.
*Due to temporary technical issues, you may receive a delivery error message. If it is the case, please resent your message to We apologize for the inconvenient.

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Important Preliminary Dates

First circular
June 22, 2017

Call for sessions, workshops & field trips deadline
September 5, 2017

Call for papers starts
November 6, 2017

Registration starts
December 4, 2017

Abstract submission deadline
March 19, 2018

Paper acceptance notice
April 23, 2018

Early bird & presenting author registration deadline
May 14, 2018 

August 13-17, 2018

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